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First of all, I want to say in this section I do talk about depression and If that is something that triggers you skip reading this part.

It was a fresh summers day, Mum and I had been out in the garden drinking lemonade. Then out of the blue, she asked me "Do you want to go to a yoga class with me?" I was super thrilled to learn something new and almost instantly agreed. So I tugged on my favourite sports leggings and off we went, as we arrived I was shocked to find it was my old primary school. The yoga class was remarkable, I don't remember the exact yoga poses as I was young but I firmly remember the impact it had on me. 


A few years went by and I found myself depressed, isolated and self-destructive. I had weeks where I felt like giving up and couldn't even leave my bed. Not long after my parents got divorced, I lost all hope and thought my life was over. Then one day I did think it was over, the day I tried to kill myself. From that day forward I made a promise to myself to never give up and so I started doing yoga as much as possible. I fell in love with the way it felt to move my body in so many new, exciting ways. I returned to being the loving, kind and happy child I once had been.


I now go to yoga classes as often as possible and I love teaching it.


 Thank you for reading this and I hope you now understand a little bit more about why yoga is so close to my heart. 

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