About The Sessions

Yoga is intimate and personal that is why I believe who you choose to teach you has a powerful impact on your practice. Find out below why you should consider letting me guide you on your journey, how it works and the benefits.

Online And In Person Classes.

I put my full attention and love into creating every single one of my classes! This always ensures that my students leave class feeling fabulous and inspired!  I create every one on one session with attention to detail, making sure it is suited for my student whether the goal is helping them get fit, flexible or feel happier. Currently, all my lessons are online due to the situation right now.

What Happens In A Session?

    Every session is different because everyone is       different.

     This is a basic outline.

  • We start with an email or video call consultation and application form to discuss your requirements and what you want to achieve from the session and discussing any relevant illness, injury and your yoga preferences (if you have any)

  • I create a personalised session based on our consultation then arrange a time that suits.

  • I will assess your posture making sure everything we do is safe and beneficial.

  • If you want another session, you can book one through email.

Let's Connect

Email: @rachaelquigley97@gmail.com

Phone: 07880356546

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